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Your Marco Island Holistic Health and Wellness Center


Discover Your Path to Holistic Health at Sayanah Wellness Center on Marco Island

Serving the Marco Island Community: Our Services

Welcome to Sayanah Wellness, situated in the tranquil ambiance of Marco Island, Florida. We redefine holistic health by uniting ancient wisdom with modern science. Our dedicated team of expert practitioners is committed to unlocking your well-being potential. Discover our wide array of services, from personalized iridology assessments to Reiki healing and detox programs. We offer holistic solutions for your mind, body, and spirit. Our goal is to empower you on your wellness journey with support, tools, and knowledge. Experience the synergy of ancient practices and modern science at Sayanah Wellness, your destination for well-being.

Supporting Marco Island Residents

As a health and wellness center near the serene surroundings of Marco Island, we deeply comprehend the distinctive lifestyle obstacles that our cherished local community encounters on a daily basis. Our dedicated team is here to provide unwavering support by offering a comprehensive range of holistic services meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate into your everyday routine. Whether you seek effective stress-relief methods, personalized nutrition guidance, or tailored wellness solutions, our mission is to craft bespoke strategies that resonate with your unique essence and bring about holistic well-being.

Meet Sayanah Janell, Our Founder

Sayanah Janell is a holistic health coach, nutritional biochemist, Reiki master, and iridologist with over 35 years of experience in integrative health. She combines her extensive knowledge of natural medicine with her passion for healing to lead a team of wellness experts, providing you with personalized treatments that restore balance to your mind and body. Whether you're looking to manage stress, address chronic health concerns, or boost your overall vitality, our team is ready to guide you on your journey.

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FAQs: Why Choose Sayanah Wellness?


What makes Sayanah Wellness the best holistic health and wellness center in Marco Island?

At Sayanah Wellness, we take a client-centered approach. Each treatment plan is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you receive the most effective care possible. Our holistic services are grounded in both scientific evidence and traditional healing practices.


How can iridology assessments benefit me?

Iridology provides insights into your body’s health by analyzing the iris's patterns. It's a non-invasive way to detect potential imbalances or deficiencies, helping us develop a proactive wellness plan that’s uniquely yours.


What can I expect from a Reiki energy healing session?

Reiki sessions involve gentle, non-invasive touch or hovering hands. You may feel warmth, tingling, or deep relaxation as our practitioner channels healing energy to restore balance in your body.


Are your programs suitable for everyone?

Yes! Our programs are designed with safety and flexibility in mind. We adapt each program to your specific health needs and lifestyle, ensuring a comfortable and effective experience.


How does health coaching differ from regular counseling?

Health coaching is action-oriented and results-driven. We help you set achievable goals and provide practical strategies to implement them. The focus is on empowering you to make sustainable lifestyle changes.


Can Sayanah Wellness help with stress management?

Absolutely. Our wellness plans often incorporate stress management techniques like Reiki, mindfulness practices, and guided relaxation exercises to help you find calm amidst life’s demands.

Your Marco Island Health and Wellness Center

At Sayanah Wellness, we stand out as the leading holistic health and wellness center in Marco Island because of our unwavering commitment to authentic care. We recognize your unique health journey and provide services that address your specific needs, ensuring you always feel supported.


Ready to take control of your well-being? Visit us today to start your journey towards sustainable health, or give us a call to learn more about how we can help you live your best life.

Our Health And Wellness Services

Our Services at Sayanah Wellness

Discover our wide range of holistic health services, tailored to meet a variety of health needs. Explore our offerings in detail:



Iridology serves as a sophisticated diagnostic tool, analyzing the iris patterns to detect underlying health conditions. At Sayanah Wellness, we employ state-of-the-art computerized technology to obtain high-resolution images of your iris, offering insights into your body's constitution. This non-invasive approach enables us to evaluate your overall health and pinpoint potential imbalances.


Health Coaching

Our health coaching program aims to equip you with the necessary knowledge and tools to achieve your wellness objectives. Whether your goal is weight loss, stress management, or establishing healthier habits, we customize a program to suit your individual needs, incorporating strategies such as iridology, Reiki, and nutritional planning. Our online consultations facilitate convenient access to personalized advice from the comfort of your home.



Reiki, an ancient technique for energy healing, fosters relaxation and balances the body's life force energy. Our sessions are designed to induce a state of calm, centeredness, and rejuvenation. Through the channeling of positive energy, we address your entire being—mind, body, and spirit—to facilitate deep relaxation and emotional balance.


BrainTap® Sessions

BrainTap® represents the forefront of technology in enhancing mental function and optimizing brain performance. Utilizing binaural beats, guided meditation, and visualization via an advanced headset, BrainTap® sessions contribute to improved mental clarity, focus, and stress relief. With a library of over 1,000 programs, we tailor sessions to your specific objectives.


Plant-Based Nutrition Plans

Our plant-based nutrition plans are customized to align with your lifestyle, health aspirations, and dietary preferences. We offer detailed guides, delicious recipes, and follow-up consultations to support a seamless transition to a healthier, more sustainable diet. Whether you are new to plant-based eating or seeking to refine your diet, our plans are designed to nourish your body and facilitate the attainment of your goals.


Grounding Therapy

Grounding therapy, or earthing, aims to realign your body’s electrical energy by utilizing conductive mats or patches that connect to the Earth’s natural energy. This non-invasive therapy offers numerous benefits, including inflammation reduction, sleep improvement, and immune system enhancement. Our grounding mats provide full-body benefits, while grounding patches are available for targeted injury treatment.


Health and Wellness Retreats

Join us in the idyllic setting of Costa Rica for our "Live Your Best Life" retreat. This retreat offers a combination of workshops, wellness programs, and breathtaking coastal scenery to aid in relaxation, resetting, and rejuvenation. Participants will collaborate with Sayanah Janell to develop a customized wellness plan, supported by a community of like-minded individuals throughout this transformative experience.

Our Founder & Lead Practitioner

Sayanah Janell

 Iridologist *  Nutritional Biochemist PhD * Holistic Health Coach * Reiki Master

For the past 35 years, I've been driven by a conviction that healing and thriving are within everyone's reach. My foray into holistic medicine began in my youth, born out of necessity, igniting a passion that steered me towards an enriching exploration of alternative health and wellness. My academic journey, immersed in Health Science, Homeopathy, and Chinese Medicine, culminated in earning a Doctorate in Naturopathy and a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry, only deepening my fervor. This enthusiasm was the catalyst for co-founding the distinguished McKay Biochemist health clinic in Australia, a venture I nurtured for over a decade before embarking on a new chapter in the United States.


Motivated by a relentless drive to make a tangible difference in people's health, I established Sayanah Wellness. Here, I've assembled an elite team of professionals who not only resonate with my ethos but are equally committed to transforming lives. Welcome to Sayanah Wellness Center, where we merge cutting-edge health practices with the age-old wisdom of nature to deliver a personalized healing journey.


At Sayanah Wellness, our mission is to ignite a zeal for wellness within our clients. We aim for you to not only achieve peak health but to also embrace self-care, understand your body, and flourish in your newfound vitality. Here's to a journey towards health, happiness, and the shared path ahead.

- Sayanah Janell

Sayanah Janell

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Client Testimonials

L. Letacsom, CA

Sayanah is a very caring practitioner. She took the time to really listen and focus on my needs and goals. She made me feel understood and her patience in assisting me achieve better health was amazing.

Andrea Freeman, FL

Sayanah, I am simply amazed at how great I feel, and I couldn't have done it without your diligence and ongoing support. - Andrea

Mandy Morkel - FL

Sayanah has not only helped my daughter find joy in living without pain, but has been an inspiration to my entire family to live a better, healthier life. Thank You, Sayanah! - Mandy Morkel

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