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Sayanah Janell N.D; PhD
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 Sayanah Janell
Holistic Health Coach * Reiki Master * Naturopath 

Iridologist *  Nutritional Biochemist PhD

As a natural health practitioner, Sayanah's passion originates from the ideal - "Healing of nature, and the ability of the human body to heal itself." Plant-based medicine encompasses this wisdom, reinstating balance and consonance to the body. To encourage this process, she develops cutting-edge herbal formulas and Organic Biodynamically grown Super Foods. Sayanah practices and teaches Meditation, Reiki, and Vision Board Workshops in addition to Health Coaching and Retreats.
With over thirty years of experience in her field, she understands the importance of combining modern science and research with alternative medicine and spiritual development. She would like to share her love and respect for Mother Earth and guide you to follow a lifestyle that restores and maintains optimum health and vitality.


*Iridologist Certified

*University of SA - Homeopathy HD

*American University of Complimentary Medicine, AUCM -

  Naturopathy ND

*California Polytechnic State University, Cal Poly - Nutritional Biochemistry PhD

*McKay Biochemist Australia - Former CEO

*Herbasal Ltd - CEO

*Vision Board Instructor

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