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Lakewood Ranch Holistic Health and Wellness Center


Welcome to Sayanah Wellness, Your Lakewood Ranch Holistic Health and Wellness Center

How We Serve our Lakewood Ranch Residents

Welcome to Sayanah Wellness: Your Lakewood Ranch Holistic Health and Wellness Center. Sayanah Wellness is proud to offer holistic health services that empower the residents of Lakewood Ranch, FL. Our mission is simple: to provide personalized, natural, and effective care that caters to your specific wellness goals. Whether you’re seeking a holistic approach to managing stress, achieving optimal health, or simply boosting your energy levels, we’re here to help you with our comprehensive range of services.

Meet Sayanah Janell, Our Founder

Sayanah Janell is a holistic health coach, nutritional biochemist, Reiki master, and iridologist with over 35 years of experience in integrative health. She combines her extensive knowledge of natural medicine with her passion for healing to lead a team of wellness experts, providing you with personalized treatments that restore balance to your mind and body. Whether you're looking to manage stress, address chronic health concerns, or boost your overall vitality, our team is ready to guide you on your journey.

FAQs: Why Choose Sayanah Wellness?
Your Ultimate Guide to Wellness and Health


What makes Sayanah Wellness the best holistic health and wellness center in Lakewood Ranch?

At Sayanah Wellness, our holistic approach ensures that we look at the complete picture of your well-being. Our services are tailored specifically to your individual needs, and our team combines years of expertise with genuine care to ensure your path to wellness is as seamless as possible.


What types of services does Sayanah Wellness offer?

We offer services ranging from iridology assessments to Reiki energy healing, detox programs, and personalized health coaching. Every service is carefully curated to help you achieve your unique health and wellness goals.


How does personalized health coaching work at Sayanah Wellness?

Our health coaching program is all about meeting you where you are and guiding you toward your desired health outcomes. We listen to your concerns, evaluate your current lifestyle, and design a plan specifically for you, including diet, exercise, and mindfulness practices.


Is Reiki effective for stress relief and overall wellness?

Reiki is a powerful tool for stress relief and balancing the body’s energy. Our certified practitioners use gentle hand placements to help channel healing energy, which can reduce stress, ease pain, and promote a sense of overall well-being.


How can iridology assessments help improve my health?

Iridology is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that examines the iris to provide insights into your systemic health. By understanding potential health concerns or weaknesses, we can better tailor your wellness plan.


How often should I receive holistic wellness treatments?

It depends on your health goals and current condition. We recommend consulting with our team to create a schedule that best aligns with your needs.


Is Sayanah Wellness suitable for individuals new to holistic health?

Absolutely! We welcome individuals of all backgrounds, whether you’re a seasoned wellness enthusiast or entirely new to holistic health. Our team will walk you through every step of your wellness journey.


Can I receive virtual consultations if I don’t live near Lakewood Ranch?

Absolutely! Our services, including health coaching and nutrition planning, are available through online consultations. Regardless of your location, you can tap into our expert advice and personalized wellness programs.

Why Opt for Sayanah Wellness? Discover Top Wellness and Health Services


Sayanah Wellness stands out as the best Lakewood Ranch holistic health and wellness center because we believe in offering unparalleled care that is both personalized and comprehensive. Our passionate team is dedicated to helping you achieve sustainable health, providing you with a sanctuary where you can recharge and heal.


Join us at Sayanah Wellness and take the next step on your journey to holistic health. Discover how personalized, natural care can transform your life and help you unlock your highest potential. We look forward to being your trusted partner in wellness.

Our Health And Wellness Services

Discover Our Wellness Services at Sayanah - Your Path to Wellbeing

We offer a comprehensive suite of holistic health services designed to address various health concerns. Whether you’re seeking stress relief, improved digestion, or simply a healthier lifestyle, we’re ready to assist you in achieving your goals. Here's a closer look at what we provide:


Iridology Assessments: Analyzing the patterns, colors, and characteristics of your eyes to gain insights into your body’s overall health and predispositions.


Personalized Health Coaching: Guiding you through dietary and lifestyle adjustments tailored specifically to your health goals.


Reiki Energy Healing: Harnessing the power of energy therapy to promote balance and healing from within.

Our Founder & Lead Practitioner

Sayanah Janell

 Iridologist *  Nutritional Biochemist PhD * Holistic Health Coach * Reiki Master

Believing firmly in the principle that 'everyone has the capacity to heal and thrive,' I have dedicated the past 35 years to assisting clients in reaching their health objectives. My early encounters with holistic medicine, driven by personal motivations, sparked a deep-seated passion for pursuing a career in alternative health and wellness. This passion led me to undertake extensive studies in Health Science, Homeopathy, Chinese medicine, and subsequently achieve a Doctorate in Naturopathy as well as a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry. Following these accomplishments, I co-founded and managed the highly regarded McKay Biochemist health clinic in Australia, where I served for over a decade before my relocation to the United States.


Motivated by a relentless commitment to enhancing the health and wellbeing of individuals, I established Sayanah Wellness. My aim was to assemble a team of highly skilled professionals who share a common dedication and passion for improving the lives of others. I invite you to the Sayanah Wellness Center, where our focus is on integrating state-of-the-art modalities with the restorative powers of nature to deliver a tailored and comprehensive healing experience. At Sayanah Wellness, my team and I are committed to fostering a passion among our clients not only to attain optimal health but also to comprehend and value their wellbeing, enabling them to maintain and flourish in their improved lifestyle. - Sayanah Janell

Sayanah Janell

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Client Testimonials

L. Letacsom, CA

Sayanah is a very caring practitioner. She took the time to really listen and focus on my needs and goals. She made me feel understood and her patience in assisting me achieve better health was amazing.

Andrea Freeman, FL

Sayanah, I am simply amazed at how great I feel, and I couldn't have done it without your diligence and ongoing support. - Andrea

Mandy Morkel - FL

Sayanah has not only helped my daughter find joy in living without pain, but has been an inspiration to my entire family to live a better, healthier life. Thank You, Sayanah! - Mandy Morkel

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