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Live Your Best Life Ever!

Sayanah Wellness is an integrative holistic health and wellness center addressing a variety of health issues through the use of cutting-edge technology, natural herbal supplements and bespoke lifestyle changes to help restore your body and mind to optimal health. 

Located in Naples, Florida, Sayanah Wellness center specializes in iridology, blood microscopy, thermal imaging, light therapy, BioScan®, BrainTap® stress management, and carefully formulated supplements. Additionally offering online consultations, reiki sessions, mindfulness workshops, and health & wellness retreats, Sayanah Wellness center is the perfect step towards a state of complete and vibrant wellbeing. 

Using these uniquely integrated technology and modalities,our dedicated and professional wellness experts, led by Sayanah Janell ND; PhD, will explore the root causes of any imbalances and address them with personalized methods to create sustainable habits that align with your needs and lifestyle.

"Live Your Best Life Ever!"  



  • Health Coaching sessions to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

    1 hr

    200 US dollars
  • Health Coaching follow-Up sessions to keep you on track.

    45 min

    150 US dollars
  • Computerized iridology session available at Sayanah Wellness Centre, ...

    1 hr

    175 US dollars
  • A follow-up to your original consultation.

    1 hr

    155 US dollars
  • Relax with one-on-one reiki sessions to promote healing & wellbeing.

    1 hr

    75 US dollars
  • The first steps to practicing Reiki on yourself & others.


    275 US dollars
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