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Your Favorite Naples Health and Wellness Clinic

Welcome to Sayanah Wellness

An integrative holistic health and wellness center, addressing a variety of health issues through the use of cutting-edge technology, natural herbal supplements and bespoke programs to help restore your body and mind to optimal health. Our dedicated and professional wellness experts, led by Sayanah Janell, PhD; will explore the root causes of any imbalances and address them with personalized methods to create sustainable habits that align with your needs and lifestyle.

Located in Naples, Florida, Sayanah Wellness Center specializes in iridology, health coaching, plant-based nutrition, BrainTap®, stress management, and carefully formulated natural supplements. Additionally offering online consultations, reiki sessions, mindfulness workshops, and health & wellness retreats, Sayanah Wellness Center is the perfect step towards a state of complete and vibrant wellbeing. 

Our Health And Wellness Services

Our Founder & Lead Practitioner

Sayanah Janell

 Iridologist *  Nutritional Biochemist PhD * Holistic Health Coach * Reiki Master

Believing that ‘everyone can heal and thrive’, I've spent the last 35 years helping clients achieve their health goals. While my journey into holistic medicine began at a young age for personal reasons, it ignited my passion to start down a professional path in alternative health and wellness. After pursuing studies in Health Science, Homeopathy and Chinese medicine and earning a Naturopathy Doctoral and a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry, I co-founded  and ran the well acclaimed health clinic, McKay Biochemist, in Australia for over a decade before relocating to the United States.


Driven by an endless desire to help people experience healthier lives, I founded Sayanah Wellness and strived to put together a team of highly qualified professionals who share the same values & passion for helping people. Welcome to Sayanah Wellness Center where we focus on using a combination of cutting-edge modalities with the healing power of nature to bring you a truly personalized and complete healing experience. At Sayanah Wellness, my team & I endeavor to ignite a passion in our clients to not only achieve optimum health, but to understand and care about their own wellbeing so they may sustain and thrive in their new lifestyle.  - Sayanah Janell

Sayanah Janell

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Client Testimonials

L. Letacsom, CA

Sayanah is a very caring practitioner. She took the time to really listen and focus on my needs and goals. She made me feel understood and her patience in assisting me achieve better health was amazing.

Andrea Freeman, FL

Sayanah, I am simply amazed at how great I feel, and I couldn't have done it without your diligence and ongoing support. - Andrea

Mandy Morkel - FL

Sayanah has not only helped my daughter find joy in living without pain, but has been an inspiration to my entire family to live a better, healthier life. Thank You, Sayanah! - Mandy Morkel

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7935 Airport-Pulling Rd,

2nd Floor Suite 214 

Naples, Florida, 34109



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